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Sport surfaces

Sport Court Maintenance 

HSC Pavement Maintenance offers a wide range of sport court maintenance 

services, including color coating, crack repair, striping, and paving for a variety of 

court types. Our experienced team can work on tennis courts, pickleball courts, 

basketball courts, volleyball courts, and more. 

Maintaining your sport court is essential to ensure its longevity, performance, and 

safety. Neglecting maintenance can lead to cracks, fading, and surface 

irregularities, which can compromise the players' safety and the court's 

functionality. Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run compared 

to the cost of complete replacement. By keeping your sport court in top shape, 

you can also enhance its appearance, increase its performance, and prolong its 


At HSC, we use the latest techniques and materials to deliver high-quality sport 

court maintenance services. Our color coating services can give your court a fresh 

new look while enhancing its durability and traction. Our crack repair services can 

fix any surface irregularities, preventing further damage and ensuring player 

safety. Our striping services can help define the court's boundaries, improve 

visibility, and enhance the playing experience. Our paving services can repair any 

structural damage to your sport court and restore its functionality. 

Whether you are a school, a sports club, or a homeowner with a sport court, HSC 

Pavement Maintenance can help you maintain and enhance your court's 

performance and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our sport court 

maintenance services and schedule a consultation with our experts. 

Tennis Court
Tennis Court
Basketball Court

Color Coating 

Color coating is an essential aspect of sport court maintenance, and it can help 

keep the surface looking new and fresh. It's especially crucial for outdoor sport 

courts, which can quickly become faded and damaged due to prolonged exposure 

to the elements. Color coating involves applying a fresh layer of paint or coating to 

the surface of the court, which not only enhances the court's appearance but also 

helps protect it from further damage. 

At HSC Pavement Maintenance, we offer color coating services for a wide range of 

sport courts, including tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, and 

more. We use high-quality, long-lasting paint and coatings that are designed to 

withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Our experienced team takes 

great care to ensure that every color coating job is done right, with a keen eye for 

detail and a commitment to delivering excellent results. 

If you're a sport court owner, it's important to keep your court looking its best, 

both for aesthetic reasons and for the longevity of the surface. By investing in 

regular color coating maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your court and 

save money in the long run by avoiding costly replacement. Whether you're 

looking to update the look of your court or simply keep it in top condition, HSC 

Pavement Maintenance is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our 

color coating services and how we can help keep your sport court looking its best. 

∙Tennis courts 

∙Pickleball courts 

∙Basketball courts 

∙Volleyball courts 

∙Badminton courts 

Crack Repair 

When it comes to repairing cracks on sport courts, there are a few options 

available. One of the more common methods is to use a concrete patch binder to 

fill in the cracks. This involves cleaning out the crack and filling it with a concrete 

mixture and sanding the repair flush before color coating. This type of repair is 

relatively simple and can be done quickly, but it is not as long-lasting as other methods. 

Another option for crack repair on sport courts is to use a layered fiberglass 

system. This involves cleaning out the crack and applying a layer of fiberglass over 

the top. This is then sealed with a resin, and additional layers of fiberglass are 

applied until the crack is fully covered. This type of repair is more complex and 

time-consuming than using a concrete patch binder, but it is also more durable and


No matter which method is chosen, it is important to address cracks in sport 

courts promptly to prevent them from getting worse and causing additional 

damage. Regular maintenance and repairs can help prolong the life of a sport 

court and ensure that it remains safe and enjoyable for players. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with Your sports courts.

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