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line striping

HSC's traffic paint is a premium quality, fast-drying, and highly durable traffic 

marking paint that is specially designed for application on roads, highways, 

parking lots, and other similar surfaces. Our traffic paint is formulated to meet 

or exceed Federal Spec. TTP-1952, which is the industry standard for traffic paint 

in the United States. This means that our paint is of the highest quality and 

meets all the necessary requirements for long-lasting, highly visible markings. 

One of the key advantages of our traffic paint is its fast drying time, which allows 

for quick and efficient application without disrupting traffic flow. This is 

especially important in high-traffic areas where prolonged closures can cause 

significant disruptions to businesses and commuters. With our fast-drying traffic 

paint, businesses and commuters can expect minimal downtime and a smooth 

transition back to normal operations. 

In addition to its fast-drying properties, our traffic paint is also highly durable, 

with excellent resistance to weathering, abrasion, and other harsh 

environmental conditions. This ensures that the markings remain highly visible 

and legible for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent repainting and 


At HSC, we take quality and compliance seriously, which is why all our traffic 

paint meets ASTM standards and is extensively tested to ensure its compliance 

with Federal Spec. TTP-1952. This ensures that our customers can have 

confidence in the quality and performance of our products, and that their 

markings will remain highly visible and durable for years to come. 

Line Striping Benefits 

The benefits of pavement marking and parking lot striping go beyond the visual 

appeal of your asphalt. HSC Pavement Maintenance's line striping and pavement 

marking services provide various advantages that enhance safety, convenience, 

and compliance, including: 

Improved safety for drivers and pedestrians – Clearly marked crosswalks 

and stop lines help drivers and pedestrians navigate your parking lot and 

reach their destinations safely, reducing the risk of accidents. 

∙Smooth traffic flow – Well-placed arrows and other pavement markings 

help guide drivers through your parking lot and reduce confusion, 

minimizing congestion and improving traffic flow. 

Enhanced accessibility – HSC Pavement Maintenance's parking lot striping 

services include designating spaces for handicapped parking, providing 

accessibility ramps and ensuring compliance with disability access 


Maximum parking capacity – Strategic parking lot striping helps to maximize 

the space in your lot, allowing more vehicles to park and reducing the 

chance of crowding or congestion. 

Improved property appearance – Faded or worn-out pavement markings 

can give the impression of neglect and lower the curb appeal of your 

property. Our pavement marking and line striping services can help restore 

the appearance of your parking lot and improve your property's overall 



Line Striping
Parking Lot Marking
Running Track Markings
Parking Lot Markings
Parking Lot Striping

When should I have my pavement markings repainted? 

Maintaining a functional parking lot is more complicated than most people realize. 

A well-managed parking lot can impress your clients and ensure their safety. Neglecting your parking lot, however, can lead to complaints and potential accidents. At HSC Pavement Maintenance, we understand the importance of pavement marking and parking lot striping to improve functionality and safety. 

Pavement marking and striping can also enhance the aesthetics of your property. Our skilled technicians use the latest equipment and high-quality materials to complete every project with precision and efficiency. 

Here are ten signs that indicate it’s time to repaint your parking lot: 

1.Faded, cracked or missing wheel stops 

2.Poor parking leading to complaints 

3.Accidents, fender benders, and near-misses 

4.Frost, rain or other weather obscuring pavement stripes 

5.Completely faded or missing markings and lines 

6.More than 3 years have passed since last re-striping 

7.Uneven or faded crosswalks 

8.Worn arrows or directional symbols 

9.Discolored or damaged pavement surfaces 

10.Disabled parking spaces that are not compliant with ADA standards 

We provide: 

∙Parking space markings in commercial and residential parking lots 

∙Handicapped parking spaces for accessibility 

∙Arrows indicating the direction of traffic flow in parking lots 

∙Pedestrian crosswalk markings for safety 

∙Stop bars at entrances and exits of parking lots 

∙Loading zone markings for commercial deliveries 

∙No parking zones for safety and accessibility purposes 

∙Painted curbs indicating fire lanes and emergency vehicle access 

∙Markings for reserved parking spaces for employees or visitors 

∙Stenciled markings for numbers and letters to designate parking 


∙Parking lot signage, such as speed limit signs and directional signs 

∙Athletic court markings for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and other 


∙Running track lane markings for track and field events 

∙Sidewalk markings to indicate bike lanes or pedestrian pathways 

∙Markings for bike lanes on roadways 

∙High-visibility crosswalk markings to improve pedestrian safety 

∙School zone markings to indicate speed limits and areas where 

children may be present 

∙Pavement markings to indicate traffic flow on busy roadways and 


∙Markings for loading docks and industrial areas

∙Airfield markings for aircraft movement and runway identification  

Pavement Markings

Don't wait until an accident occurs to contact us. Let HSC Pavement Maintenance 

restore the safety and appearance of your parking lot. 

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