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Guard Cote is a concentrated asphalt emulsion pavement sealer.  Guard Cote is polymer reinforced for improved adhesion and durability. Production with a colloid mill assures the highest standard for product quality and consistency.

Refined tar emulsion produced identically to Brewer Cote® but with the same solids content as our competitors’ premium sealers. Meets all requirements of ASTM D5727.

HSC offers crack and joint sealants for repairs of crack and expansion joints in concrete, asphalt driveways and parking lots.


ELA Latex
Rapid Dry Additive
Diamond Shield Fortifier

DSF functions safely and significantly to reduce the amount of time required for a surface coating to be reintroduced to vehicle traffic without damage to the film.

ELA Latex

An admixture designed for use as a modifier for refined tar emulsions. Increases viscosity and facilitates better sand suspension while enhancing the performance characteristics of refined tar emulsions.

Rapid Dry

Rapid Dry lets you second coat fast, stripe fast, and open to traffic faster than other sealer additives. Rapid Dry improves sealer performance as it improves your productivity.


Direct Fire Melter
Line Striping Machine
Wire Wheel Edger
Direct Fire Melters
Line Striping Machines
Wire Wheel Edger
Billy Goat Blower
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Additional Items

Crack Sealants - Hot Pour

Highway:  Crafco 221.  Meadows 3405

Parking Lots: Crafco Polyflex.  Meadows PLS

Direct Flame:  Dura-fill.  Meadows DF

Crack Sealants - Cold Pour

Gator Mastic: Trowel grade crack filler for skin patch application to alligatored areas and for filling cracks greater than 1/2″ in asphalt pavement surfaces.

Brewer Tough Stuff: A rubberized asphalt emulsion with greater flexibility designed for filling narrow pavement cracks up to 1/2″ in width, in asphaltic as well as concrete surfaces.

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