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Asphalt Patching

Full Depth Patching:

Full-depth patching involves removing and replacing portions of asphalt. The goal of the replacement is to remove areas of old asphalt that have deteriorated. When doing a full-depth patch, the perimeter of the area is cut by a saw and then removed. After that, hot mix asphalt is poured into the open patch. The asphalt is then compacted to a smooth finish.

Infrared Patching:

Infrared patching is a method of heating the existing asphalt and re-blending it with the pavement. Once blended, a joint-free integral patch results. Infrared is an invisible wavelength that carries heat. Our repair unit uses this to recycle asphalt in place.


Its heating elements produce intense infrared waves that are directed into the asphalt surface. When the asphalt gets over 300 degrees, it can be reworked, adding new asphalt. Once reworked, the asphalt is compacted, resulting in a smooth surface.


An asphalt milling machine is used to grind away the appropriate amount of old pavement. The milling process can be used to remove the top couple of inches of the pavement, which often contains the majority of damage/cracking. Once the appropriate amount of old material is removed, it is replaced with new asphalt and compacted.

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