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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter can be harsh on pavements, but with strategic maintenance, you can shield your surfaces from the chill. At HSC Pavement Maintenance, our over 50 years of experience have taught us the nuances of winter pavement care.

  1. Preventive Measures: Begin with a thorough inspection. Identify and fill cracks before the freeze-thaw cycle exacerbates them. Trim nearby trees to prevent falling branches, and ensure proper drainage to minimize ice accumulation.

  2. Snow and Ice Management: Efficient snow and ice removal are paramount. Our experience has shown that prompt snow removal prevents the formation of ice patches, averting slips and falls. Utilize snowplows, salt, or sand strategically, taking care not to damage the pavement structure.

  3. Post-Winter Assessment: As winter recedes, conduct a comprehensive post-winter assessment. Look for signs of damage, including potholes and cracks widened by freezing temperatures.

If you have questions about how to best care for your paved surface, call HSC today at 618-446-3336 in Illinois, 812-402-9840 in Evansville, IN, or 317-784-1410 in Indianapolis, IN. Experience You Can Rely On. Quality You Can Count On.

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