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Potholes in Parking Lots

Potholes are inevitable in parking lots, where the asphalt wears away more quickly with the normal movement of vehicles, rain and snow, and other weather conditions. However, you don’t have to simply accept these unsightly potholes as part of your parking lot—pothole repair methods exist that not only solve the problem but also prevent it from reoccurring in the future. You can have your potholes filled using one of three methods—cold patching, infrared patching, or full depth patching—all of which are available from HSC Pavement Maintenance.

How do potholes form?

Potholes form for one of two reasons. The first is when water and other debris build up under asphalt pavement. This causes the underlying ground to settle, and eventually forms a cavity underneath. The second way t

hat potholes can form is through damage to asphalt roadways caused by cars and trucks driving over them repeatedly over long periods of time. When bumps or chips occur, they have to be repaired right away before they turn into large potholes. What are the different ways to fix them? There are a few different ways that asphalt can be repaired, and each has its own advantages. The choice of repair will depend on many factors, including budget and desired longevity. It is possible to fix potholes by filling them with hot mix asphalt or cold patch, which provides a relatively quick but temporary solution. Alternatively, permanent repairs can be made through methods such as full depth repair or overlaying asphalt surfaces with new layers of material, or infrared repair, but these tend to cost more. HSC recommends full depth repair, as it is the most effective way to guarantee a permanent repair, especially in high traffic areas. Another cost-effective options, is infrared repair, where the pothole and surrounding pavement are heated with an infrared heater which makes the asphalt pliable again. Once the asphalt is pliable, a small amount of new asphalt is added, and the area is rolled to create a seamless r

epair. Should you leave them alone? The natural reaction for many people is to leave potholes alone, hoping they will just go away. This is not a good strategy as potholes can easily grow larger over time or lead to other issues, like damage to cars. If you find that you have a pothole in your parking lot, it’s best to deal with it right away so that it doesn’t become worse. Need more information? Let us know!

If you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution to potholes on your parking lot, we recommend utilizing our asphalt repair services. Our professional crews can patch up any holes and make your lot look like new again in no time! Call now at 800-HSC-4513 or contact us online. When asphalt cracks, it allows moisture to seep into your parking lot. Moisture leads to potholes, which can be costly to repair. The best way to avoid these potholes is by preventing cracks from forming in your asphalt parking lot. With HSC’s crack sealing and sealcoating services, you can keep moisture out of your asphalt and prevent costly repairs down the road. To learn more about our services, call now at 800-HSC-4513 or contact us online today!

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