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  • Peter Craig

5 Things to ask before hiring a pavement maintenance contractor.

1. Is the contractor qualified to work on your pavement?

A qualified pavement maintenance contractor should be able to provide examples of previous as work, as well as references if asked for.

2. Does the contractor use professional quality products?

Do not be afraid to ask what kind of products they use for things like sealing and line striping.

3. Is the contractor a “Fly By Night” type company?

If the company will not provide information like office location, contact information, and company history, be weary!

4. Is the contractor insured?

If the company does not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance, you could be opening yourself up to liability claims.

5. Does the contractor stand behind the services they offer?

Most contractors who have been in business for a significant amount of time will admit that things do not always go perfectly, but they will also stand behind their products and services.

HSC offers asphalt sealing and other pavement maintenance services in Evansville, IN, as well as nationally.

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