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about us

Our Mission

Our mission has been and remains quality pavement maintenance and customer care above everything else. We honestly believe that if we can do those things, we’ll be successful. Maybe that’s why local residents, state, and national, companies, as well as governmental entities, large and small, rely on us.

Our commitment to the highest quality products, workmanship, and ethical standards
allows us to confidently say you won’t get a better quality job anywhere.

It’s not just a promise; it’s a 40 year, third generation, track record of doing business that way!

Our Promise

With HSC, you can be confident you will receive a high-quality, professional job. We are proud to stand behind the work we do.

We Work Where You Need Us

HSC is focused on providing quality parking lot, driveway, and roadway maintenance to clients in Evansville, IN, Southern Illinois, Indianapolis, IN. In addition, HSC specializes in national parking lot maintenance and consulting.

Our Services

HSC's services include Asphalt Sealcoating, Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Crack Sealing, Concrete Joint Sealing, Mastic Repair, Spall Repair, Concrete Patching, and Sport Surfaces.