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How Many Handicap Spots Do You Need?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

If you are a business owner and property manager, ADA compliance is something that you should be well aware of.  We see parking lots with improper handicap markings almost everyday.  The amount of handicap spaces required is based upon how many total parking spaces you have.  Here is a break down of how many handicap spots are needed.

  • 1 to 25 total spaces- One handicap space is required.

  • 26 to 50 total spaces- Two handicap spaces are required.

  • 51 to 75 total spaces- Three handicap spaces are required.

  • 76 to 100 total spaces- Four handicap spaces are required.

  • 101 to 150 total spaces- Five handicap spaces are required.

  • 151 to 200 total spaces- Six handicap spaces are required.

  • 201 to 300 total spaces- Seven handicap spaces are required.

Each handicap space must have a cross hatch area, as well as the appropriate markings or sign.  There are two typical sizes for cross hatch areas: 5 ft. and 8 ft.  No matter how many handicap spaces you have, keep in mind that at least one must have an 8 ft. cross hatch area to make it van accessible.  

Although all handicap spaces have pavement markings, signs are also a good idea.To learn more about this topic go to the ADA website.

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