Wintertime Weather Is Here Early

Now is the time to think about next year’s pavement maintenance.

Snow and ice are not your pavement’s friends. With extreme temperatures, winter precipitation, and snow plows, it is very likely that your pavement will develop new cracks and defects over the winter. At HSC, our goal is to help you minimize the impact of pavement damage using long term solutions.

If you do not currently have a pavement maintenance strategy, now is the time to think about it. Here are a few simple and cost effective ways to extend the life of your pavement:

• Yearly Crack Sealing- Any pavement exposed to the elements is going to crack. By installing hot poured rubber in cracks, we can keep water out of your pavement’s base, which will reduce the likelihood of costly future repairs and additional cracking. We recommend sealing open cracks as soon as possible. Once we crack seal a parking lot initially, sealing the new cracks each year should be very cost-effective.

• Yearly Patching- Patching damaged areas before they become more severe will prevent having to repave the whole parking lot, saving you thousands. Liability is also a major concern with potholes and severely cracked areas.

• Yearly Line Striping- Keeping your parking lot lines fresh will improve curb-appeal and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

• Seal Coating Every 3 Years- Seal coating your pavement every three years provides crucial protection from water and also gives your pavement the jet black look of new pavement.

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