Sealcoating for Business Owners

Things are finally heating up in Evansville, which means it is time to sealcoat for many business owners and property managers.  Sealcoating is the cornerstone of any pavement maintenance plan, and should be done every three years or so, depending on weather and traffic conditions.  You might need to sealcoat if your parking lot:

1.  Is more than 6 months old and has never been sealed.

2. Has not been sealed in 3-5 years.

3.  Is turning grey or white.  The sun oxidizes the surface of asphalt, making it brittle and more susceptible to water damage.

4.  Is in need of striping and the layout is going to change.  Sealer will help cover the old lines.

5.  Is in need of a cosmetic upgrade.

To ask questions, or schedule a free on site evaluation with one of our pavement maintenance professionals, feel free to call at 812-402-9840.

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