Wintertime Pavement Tips!

Today has been a good reminder that Wintertime is definitely here. With temperature’s around or below freezing, it is time to start thinking about next year’s work. It is a good practice to take a close look at your driveway or parking lot now to gauge what might need to be done next year. Here are some tips to help you decipher what you see.

1. What color is your asphalt?

Black- You probably have sufficient sealer

White/Grey- Your pavement needs to be sealcoated.

*If your driveway or parking lot has just been paved, it may look black, but it should be sealed within a year.

2. Are there cracks in your asphalt?

If you have random cracks- They need to be sealed before sealcoating.

If you have alligatored areas and widespread cracks- You should consider having the area patched.

3. If you pavement has lines- Do they look look fresh?

We recommend line stripping each year to keep your parking lot looking its best.

4. Pot holes?

Poles holes can be fixed with infrared patching.

Most problems with asphalt can be avoided if you simply keep up with your sealcoating and crack sealing. We recommend sealcoating every 3 years, at which time we generally seal cracks too.

If you are in the Evansville, IN area and would like us to take a look at your driveway or parking lot, give us a call at 877-446-3336.

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